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A few weeks ago, a freelance accountant asked for an email sample for the free counselling he offers his website’s visitors.

Two days later I sent his free sample.

He replied proposing a few adjustments so it would be perfect.

In fact, he was so happy that he asked me to write the complete sequence.

Because of that, I applied the tweaks to the sample for half the fee.

And that was the beginning of a successful partnership.

Not so long ago, a translation agency was not happy with their website.

It had been written by their IT staff who are not professional writers.

I analyzed their website and a few days later sent them a sample report with suggestions for improvement.

They submitted my suggestions to their internal staff, who got very well impressed with the analysis.

So they decided to hire the full website audit and rewriting.

You too can have this benefit like they did.

Just choose the desired service, tell me what you expect from it, and click the Send button.

I’ll point my browser to your website and get to know your business as much as I can.

Combining that with the info you send me in your message will help me deliver you the best possible sample.

So the more info you send me about what you expect, the most suitable the sample will be.

C’mon! Give it a try!

Request Form

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